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About Us

In August of 2017 Diona Mills suffered from Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in her left leg. Subsequently, Diona was told that she would need to wear compression garments to help minimize the effects of her condition such as pain and swelling. After reviewing the current market options she realized that compression wear did not offer much in the way of stylish options. The realization that there was a need to produce leg wear for individuals that require the support of graduated compression and the need for fashionable options was how D. Mills Compression was born.

At D. Mills Compression we believe that nobody should compromise on fashion to feel great.  Therefore, we have created a line of luxury compression solutions, designed to give you an array of high-quality styles that support both your health and your sense of style.  
We're your antidote to boring compression leg wear.
Size Chart

                  Shoe Size

         Women             Men

S        4 – 6.5              < 6

M        7 – 9.5       6 – 8.5

L     10 – 12.5      9 – 11.5

XL    12.5+      11.5+

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